Holid ad Network For Publishers CPM ads Zero Requirements

Holid ad Network For Publishers CPM ads Zero Requirements

Holid ad Network For Publishers CPM ads Zero Requirements If you’re a publisher or blogger looking to monetize your website, you may have heard of CPM ad networks. CPM stands for “cost per mile,” which means that you earn money for every thousand ad impressions on your site. But with so many CPM ad networks out there, how do you know which one is the best for you? Holid ad Network For Publishers.

In this article, we’ll take a look one of the best CPM ad network.

Holid ad Network For Publishers CPM ads Zero Requirements

Holid ad Network For Publishers CPM ads Zero Requirements


What Is CPM ad Network?

CPM stands for “Cost Per Mille,” which translates to cost per thousand. A CPM ad network is an advertising network that pays publishers based on the number of ad impressions they serve. Advertisers pay the network a set rate for every thousand ad impressions, and the network then pays a portion of that rate to the publishers whose sites or apps displayed the ads.

The CPM model is often used for display advertising, where ads are placed on websites or apps in the form of banners, pop-ups, or other ad formats. Publishers can earn revenue by displaying these ads on their websites or apps, and the more ad impressions they serve, the more money they can earn.

CPM ad networks can be a good way for publishers to monetize their websites or apps, especially if they have a large amount of traffic. However, the rates paid by CPM networks can vary widely, and it’s important for publishers to choose a reputable network with high-quality advertisers to ensure they earn the best rates possible.


Holid.io CPM ad Network (Join Now)

Holid AB is an online advertising company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We know the true potential of unique online environments which is why we have gathered hundreds of quality publishers that has unique audiences to offer. Holid is the obvious choice for quality publishers that seek a larger revenue stream from their site’s advertising.”

What They do

Holid works differently, we believe in the strength of niched technologies in the advertising industry which we aggregate to provide a full service solution to publishers. We have several key areas which we focus on in order to provide a great solution. Holid ad Network For Publishers

Automatization Automatization reduces our need of administration. We focus on developing your revenue and our systems instead. Technical Scouting We constantly scout for new technologies in order to find new streams of revenue. Yield Optimization We achieve better results through dynamic pricing. Floor price is continuously optimized to achieve the highest possible RPM. Data Analysis Smart Data Management gives us knowledge about your users and their intents. Finance We work to provide the easiest finance solutions for you as a publisher. From self billing which remove unnecessary invoicing to partners that can help you with stable cashflow. Support We offer multiple support options and quick response times on chat, email or phone. We’re available when you need us.


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