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Do you know what native advertising is? When we begin to advance on what native advertising is, you will surely realize that you have already seen many campaigns like this. However, you probably didn’t realize it. And that is what it is about.

Especially in the online sphere, we are used to consuming content and searching for information, and until not long ago, we accepted advertising from web portals with resignation. However, intrusive advertising has lost its effectiveness and companies have grown tired of paying to appear on banners that make nothing more than noise in the navigation of their potential customers.

To understand the success of native advertising, we only have to add a change in the way we communicate and buy and an increasingly influential and large generation that does not understand life if they are not connected to the network. It was to be expected that sooner or later companies would invest almost 62% of their budget in online advertising of this type.

What do users want? Contents. So why not reach them through it, giving them something they can consume without disturbing them?

Advertising has been inserted in a light and entertaining way among thousands of posts that talk about companies, products, and services, which are probably attractive to you because other people are too. What you should know is that the user wants an experience, seeks information, and needs data to be able to choose and believe in your company.

And you will think, and this is new? Of course not, it is the evolution of other forms of advertising that were born with each media and the different media they offered. The product placement (remove products of a company in a series or movie…), the advertorials of the magazines, the recommendations of the famous in the magazines of television or radio…

The arrival of social networks and the popularity of blogs has democratized the power of creating content, which has favored this type of advertising to gain weight. However, native advertising has a different nuance. And clearly, that’s what makes it so effective. Add value.

Most bloggers, websites, or portals that incorporate this type of content warn of its advertising nature. But that doesn’t mean they neglect style. In fact, they take care of both the content and the container. The objective of native advertising is that the user or the follower finds the content interesting even though it is advertising.

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