20+ Best Free VPN For Dark Web In 2023 – (Free +Paid)


Best Free VPN For Dark Web In 2023:

Consider protecting your internet data if you plan to use the dark web. A VPN guarantees your privacy while simultaneously enhancing your security. They outline the top VPNs for use on the dark web as well as how to configure them.

You can only use an anonymity system like Tor to access the black web. Data delivered to and received by your device is encrypted by Tor, which also conceals the content of the internet traffic. You may be using Tor, yet the internet service provider as well as the authorities can still detect it. Although specific internet behavior is anonymous, Tor’s reputation as a tool used by criminals means that just joining the network may be enough to attract suspicion and unwelcome scrutiny. Some nations completely obstruct Tor.

They advise utilizing a VPN if you wish to keep the internet service provider or other third parties from finding out that you are using Tor. A VPN, brief for the virtual private network, encrypts all internet traffic on a device and directs it through a third-party server at a location of your choice. No one outside you and also the VPN provider could tell you’re using Tor since the VPN conceals Tor traffic within the encrypted connection.

VPN testing procedures:

The goal of Comparitech is to present the most accurate, thorough, and informative VPN evaluations possible. To do this, they assess each VPN they suggest based on performance testing, expert analysis, and real-world usage. They look closely at the following Tor VPNs in particular:


A minimal set of requirements must be met by the VPN’s data cipher, RSA key exchange, or authentication hash.

Logging policy:

The terms of service and privacy policy of the VPN are examined for any language or absence thereof that would imply the gathering of individually identifiable user data while using the VPN.

Data leaks:

On both IPv6 and IPv4 networks, they examine each VPN for IP, DNS, as well as WebRTC leaks.

Options for anonymous payments:

The evaluation takes into account the acceptance of cryptocurrency and other anonymous or fictitious payment options.

Is using the dark web authorized?

Yes, generally speaking, accessing the dark web is legal in most nations. On the black web, though, not everything is authorized.

All of Tor’s hidden services available on the internet include websites. Onion URLs that are only viewed with the Tor Browser, are collectively referred to as the “black web.” Many of the dark web’s websites are quite valid and legal.

The ability to operate as just a criminal secretly and covertly on the dark web makes it an attractive location to trade illicit products and services. Drugs, viruses, and sexual content are a few examples of these. The dark web can be used by criminal gangs and extremist organizations to organize recruitment efforts. So, from a legal perspective, there are areas of a deep web you should avoid.

List of 15 Best free VPNs for dark web 2023:

Here is the list of the top VPNs for such dark web In 2023:

  1. Express VPN
  2. Nord VPN
  3. Surfshark
  4. CyberGhost
  5. Proton VPN
  6. Mullvad
  7. PrivateVPN
  8. IPVanish
  9. Atlas VPN
  10. PrivadoVPN
  11. Windscribe
  12. Hide me
  13. Tunnel Bear
  14. Hotspot Shield
  15. PIA VPN

1- Express VPN:

At Cloudwards, ExpressVPN is the VPN we prefer the most. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee to test it out risk-free. It’s quick and secure. It’s nice that if you pay for a year in advance you even get an additional three months tacked on at no extra cost.

You are sure to discover a server location that meets your needs with more than 3,000 servers spread across the globe. Due to its no-logging policy and use of AES-256 encryption, ExpressVPN is unable to observe or keep track of the websites you visit.

Users who are concerned about security, such as those who use the dark web, can feel secure knowing that ExpressVPN offers DNS leak prevention and a kill switch feature that will immediately disconnect you from the internet if the VPN connection drops.


  • Quick and safe kill switch
  • No user logs


  • Quite pricey when paying monthly
  • Various servers vary in speed.

2- Nord VPN:

Another well-known encrypted VPN that’s quick and simple to use is NordVPN, the top Tor VPN or privacy VPN. There are 5,700 servers available, and connecting to one only takes a few seconds. Although NordVPN is a reliable service, experts noted in its in-depth analysis that it lacks a few unique features, including split tunneling and a speed test.

You get the kill switch that will turn off your connection to the internet if the VPN stops for any reason, which is crucial when surfing the dark web, on the security side. If you visit a shady website, the no-logs policy and CyberSec ad filter will prevent viruses and advertisements from installing.

NordVPN offers two options for encryption: NordLynx, which employs the more recent 256-bit ChaCha20 cipher in place of AES, or OpenVPN with AES-256.


  • Malware and ad blockers
  • Encryption protocol ChaCha20
  • Double VPN servers to increase privacy Negatives


  • Paying every month might grow quite pricey.

3- Surfshark:

Despite being one of the newer players, Surfshark has 1,000 global servers under its belt and should be taken into account. Given the Virgin Islands’ strong commitment to privacy, its location there makes sense.

The user who is concerned about security and privacy will like some of the features of this VPN. It’s an ad blocker that detects malware, pop-up advertising, trackers, and potentially malicious websites, and comes first.

Additionally, Surfshark utilizes its dual VPN servers that direct you through two distinct sets of VPNs before taking you to your desired location. This is in addition to its no-log policy, kill switch and 256-bit AES encryption.

Pricing is adequate to make you wince, especially if you’re paying monthly. Paying monthly will cost you $12.95, but paying for the two years in advance will reduce that cost to $2.21 per month less than the cost of a cup of coffee.


  • Blocking viruses and ads
  • Kill switch for double VPN servers Negatives:


  • Unsatisfactory streaming rates

4- CyberGhost:

Another excellent VPN for hackers, CyberGhost, includes a long range of security measures that are necessary for using the dark web. For instance, you can require HTTPS to be enabled and block internet trackers, dangerous websites, and online advertisements (secure browser URLs).

AES 256-bit encryption is used to protect your connection, and it also provides DNS leak prevention and a no-logs policy. Since the business takes Bitcoin, you can maintain your identity extremely securely.

You may test out CyberGhost’s 7,800 servers with a free trial that lasts one day. The 45-day money-back guarantee offered by CyberGhost might be helpful if you feel like you need more time to decide if it is the right VPN for you.


  • Force-enabling HTTPS blocks harmful advertisements and web trackers
  • 7,800 or so servers
  • Free test


  • Costly monthly fee
  • Slower than other VPN providers

5- Proton VPN:

The company that creates ProtonMail, a Swiss business that has built its data center inside military bunkers in the Swiss Alps, also produces ProtonVPN. Furthermore, Switzerland has strict privacy regulations, so you may be sure that no government will see your information.

A kill switch, a no-logs policy, AES-256 encryption, and DNS leak protection are all features of ProtonVPN. It is convenient for anyone who wants to remain completely anonymous because it accepts payments made in cash and cryptocurrencies. ProtonVPN, however, falls short with its paltry 800 servers spread across the globe.

In comparison to other VPNs here on this list, its cost can seem a little high. ProtonVPN features a free version, but it only supports one device. However all plans provide unlimited bandwidth, its Visionary package can cover up to 10 additional devices if you require it.


  • Emphasis on secrecy and privacy
  • Cash and cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Includes a ProtonMail account


  • The cost is high.
  • 800 servers worldwide only

6- Mullvad:

Mullvad VPN prioritizes security and anonymity, which makes it the best option for gaining access to the dark web. To begin with, its distinctive account creation offers complete anonymity by not requiring your name or email. If you truly don’t want your identifying information associated with your monthly payments, you can alternatively pay using cash and cryptocurrencies.

Although the service is simple to use, there aren’t many features. Pretty much the only features are a kill switch, normal DNS leak protection, and a no-logging policy.

They have just about 700 servers, which is disappointing, and they can be sluggish. Mullvad reached the top five thanks to its distinct account creation and anonymous payment methods, but its poor servers and dearth of further features caused it to fall to the fifth position.


  • WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols
  • Excellent privacy and security
  • Simple to use
  • Requires neither your name nor email to register


  • Streaming performance issues
  • Fewer characteristics

7- PrivateVPN:

In addition to working with Tor throughout the “Tor-over-VPN” configuration they have, PrivateVPN also provides an alternative: VPN over Tor. The OpenVPN configuration settings supplied with the software can be modified using instructions on PrivateVPN’s website so that your web traffic first travels over the Tor network and then the VPN.

Since the IP address will correspond to the VPN server, this is helpful if you wish to use Tor to access a website on the visible web that doesn’t often support Tor connections. It’s best to use a standard VPN connection with the Tor browser if you don’t want your ISP to know that you’re connecting to Tor.

Excellent security, speed, and a no-logs policy are all provided by PrivateVPN. You can simultaneously link up to six devices. For Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, and Fire TV, there are apps available.


  • No logs
  • Fast
  • Strong protection
  • Allows connections using Tor over VPN


  • A limited number of servers
  • Lacks a 24/7 support system

8- IPVanish:

Despite being among the fastest VPNs available, IPVanish doesn’t compromise security or privacy. Every subscription includes a zero-logs policy, powerful DNS leak prevention, and uncrackable encryption. The apps are simple to install and operate on a variety of devices. If you wish to make an anonymous purchase using bitcoin, you might want to search elsewhere since IPVanish does not support it.

The IPVanish apps offer the opportunity to change your given IP address regularly, further enhancing your anonymity, as well as an obfuscation function that masks your encrypted link as normal internet traffic.

IPVanish’s fast and secure service provides a fantastic balance of speed and security along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For MacOS, Windows, Fire TV, iOS, and Android, there are apps available.



  • Not compatible with cryptocurrency payments
  • Having trouble unblocking some geo-restricted services

9- Atlas VPN:

Atlas VPN is a very safe service with servers spread out over several different cities. It offers thorough privacy and security protection in addition to quick server speeds for quicker surfing and streaming. Starting with 256-bit AES encryption of military-grade, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch capability. Even better, you only need one account to encrypt all of the devices at the same time.

You have the choice of connecting with one of Atlas VPN’s MultiHop servers for even more security while browsing the dark web. These add a layer of encryption by routing internet traffic across numerous locations.

Apps for Android TV or Amazon Fire TV are also available, in addition to desktop and mobile apps from Atlas VPN.


  • The Securest encryption possible keeps your data safe.
  • A lack of user identification logs guarantees privacy protection.
  • Additional security measures include MultiHop servers and ad blockers
  • Fast enough for you to browse without being interrupted


  • Not the biggest network of servers
  • Refuses to accept cryptocurrencies as payment

10- PrivadoVPN:

PrivadoVPN provides the majority of features you’d anticipate from a high-quality free VPN, plus more: a sizable 10 GB monthly data limit, no speed restrictions, very strong encryption, or a strict no-logs policy. This free VPN has several of these characteristics that make it a fantastic dark web VPN.

Utilizing PrivadoVPN is quite simple. The user interface is organized and clear. You can connect to the server, and enable and disable the app’s kill switch from the main window.

To conceal your dark web activity, PrivadoVPN provides some excellent security and privacy capabilities. It features 256-bit AES encryption, which is quite secure. IKEv2, Wireguard, or OpenVPN are three top-notch VPN protocols that offer this encryption. As OpenVPN provides by far the best blend of speed, security, and privacy, we advise using it.


  • The Securest encryption possible keeps your data safe.
  • A lack of user identification logs guarantees privacy protection.
  • Additional security measures include MultiHop servers and ad blockers
  • Fast enough for you to browse without being interrupted


  • Not the biggest network of servers
  • Refuses to accept cryptocurrencies as payment

11- Windscribe:

One of the most well-known free VPNs is Windscribe, and we must admit that this is for good reason: it offers a respectable number of dedicated servers and, considering that its servers are spread over 10 different countries, they are reasonably fast for a free VPN. If you provide them with your email address, they will also provide you with a sizable amount of free data.

There are two anti-censorship features in Windscribe. They provide the Stealth protocol that, in the words of Windscribe’s customer service representatives, “wraps the VPN packet in a shell of SSL encryption” to conceal it and make it appear to be regular internet traffic. Additionally, Windscribe provides its own “Wstunnel,” a VPN protocol that is obscured and used to get around censorship. When all of the other methods seem to be working, Windscribe advises using this protocol as a final option.

Although installing the VPN client is very straightforward, beginners might feel a little overwhelmed by the interface because it is more designed for experienced users.


  • High-quality security features.
  • Using Netflix


12- Hide me:

Another great free VPN for the dark web is hidden. me. The supplier does not impose speed limits and provides users with more enough money data for free. They also possess some excellent encryption protocols that provide a lot of protection and privacy.

It’s simple to download and set up Hide. Me. You don’t even have to create an account or provide your email address if all you want to do is use the free version. Both privacy and convenience are greatly enhanced by this. Unfortunately, Hide. I make a significant effort to upsell, and they do it by using numerous invasive banners and advertising.

Hide. It provides a lot of privacy and security. They provide trustworthy and extremely safe AES 256-bit encryption. IKEv2, OpenVPN, SoftEtherVPN, SSTP, and WireGuard are among the VPN protocols provided by Hide. Me that offer this strong encryption.


  • With servers in Singapore, Canada, and the Netherlands, a free subscription is conceivable.
  • Torrents may exist.
  • Programs and software that is easy to use.


  • A speed limit as well as a data limit applies to free subscriptions.

13- Tunnel Bear:

The free VPN TunnelBear is excellent. It also works incredibly well for exploring the black web, especially in nations with internet control. Only 500 MB is the typically accessible data allowance offered by TunnelBear. However, TunnelBear offers users an amazing 10 GB in some nations that ban (parts of) the internet. Additionally, it has a large number of dedicated servers and practical obfuscation techniques.

TunnelBear is a fairly practical VPN that works well for dark web browsing. It offers a simple installation process and an intuitive user interface. It also has facilities in 47 different nations. This is a very unusually high number for free VPN. This implies that there will probably always be a server that is somewhat accessible to you and that provides respectable speeds, no matter where you live.

For a free VPN, TunnelBear provides a lot of protection and privacy. After all, the majority of devices employ reliable OpenVPN or IKEv2 encryption protocols. These two both provide strong AES 256-bit encryption.


  • Nice, easy-to-use software
  • Ideal for new VPN users


  • Torrents and Netflix are not supported.

14- Hotspot Shield:

Due to the availability of both a free and premium version, customers like Hotspot Shield even more. The free edition is available for use at no cost, and it is supported by adverts. For those who decide they prefer Hotspot Shield, you may subscribe to a premium version for fast Broadband, more features, and also no adverts.

They don’t sell any one of your data, and they make money from their subscription plan. With built-in malware protection, users may browse the Dark Web safely and without worrying about viruses that infect their devices.

This VPN comes with a kill switch, 256-bit encryption, and DNS leak protection as basic features. Not only that but there are also options for automatic WiFi security and allowing particular programs to bypass the VPN. Hotspot Shield does not store any personally identifying data in its logs after you disconnect. Customer help is available 24/7 via live chat.


  • Dependable acceleration
  • Strong security and privacy measures
  • Fantastic opportunity for streaming


  • Earlier privacy concerns.
  • No way to make payments anonymously

15- PIA VPN:

There are two different encryption types available with Private Internet Access AES-128 and AES-256. This VPN is reasonably priced and trustworthy. Better security is indicated by a higher number, although speed may also be impacted. Therefore, it is suggested that users choose the form of encryption that best suits their needs.

OpenVPN and WireGuard, two of the greatest protocols, are used by PIA VPN. The kill switch with PIA MACE, which aid in blocking malware, advertisements, and trackers, is also included. Additionally, by bypassing the link through a different server location, PIA’s proxy servers offer additional security.

Ten simultaneous connections are allowed with a single PIA VPN subscription. However, if you want to utilize this VPN for smaller companies and offices, you can buy extra connections.


  • Reasonable price
  • Unlimited data and bandwidth
  • RAM-only computers
  • Friendly to users


  • There may be a speed issue.
  • A few more security features.
  • The high monthly subscription fee


A portion of the deep web known as the “black web” is not listed by search engines. ISPs prohibit the dark web because of its frequent association with illegal activities. However, not all activities on the dark web are unlawful, and many individuals may want to use it for legitimate legal reasons.

Use a VPN to bypass your ISP’s limitations and access the dark web. With the help of a VPN, you can keep your ISP in the dark about where you are online and mask your IP address.

Another reason it’s critical to utilize a VPN is the abundance of dangerous individuals on the dark web who are capable of hurting you and stealing your information.

Select a VPN with exceptional safety features while looking for the best VPN again for the dark web. They have gathered a list of VPN service providers that will safeguard your identity & online traffic to make your decision easier.

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