Can I Use Native Ads? Of Course, You Can!


“Can I Use Native Ads?” Of course, you can! It doesn’t matter if you have a corporate or personal blog, a page for your business… Native publishing is ideal for generating income on any kind of website!

When we talk about advertising, our minds automatically go to intrusive messages that appear on our screens and hinder proper site navigation. This is the case, for instance, with pop-ups and interstitials, advertising formats that frequently appear on the pages we browse.

The emergence of native advertising is in response to this environment. This new model aims to turn promotional messages into valuable content that users can engage with. We’ll look at their characteristics and how to produce such promotional messages.

The keys to native advertising

There are certain features that you must take into account when approaching a native advertising strategy:

Consistency in format and user experience:

Instead of “invading” the architecture or content of a website, native advertising seeks to perfectly harmonize with the space by adapting to the approach, format and language, as well as addressing a topic that may be of your interest. interest. In reality, the advertising content must be adapted to the editorial format.

Add value to the user:

As much as the content is integrated, the message must attract the user and motivate him to action. Blatant advertising does not interest users; therefore, we need the context to have to do with what we are advertising and that it adds value to the user who reads us.

Integrated does not mean hidden:

Although we say that the content must go according to the environment, this does not mean that we should hide it or hide its nature from the user. Normally, these types of messages will be identified with the label of “sponsored content” or “advertising”, depending on the website. This is important because, on the one hand, it preserves the credibility and ethical side of the medium, and on the other hand, it can even increase the effectiveness of advertising.

In short, native advertising, when done well, generates a positive response from the user. When he visits a website that he likes or is a reference for him and observes that a company contributes valuable content to that site, in addition to supporting it financially, he adopts a positive attitude towards that company.

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