Do You Know This Native Ads Platform?


Native Ads is not a new way to make money online, and it’s been around for years. It was created in the early 2000s and has grown rapidly ever since. The ads are designed to look like the content of the site they appear on, which makes them less intrusive for readers.

Native Ads can be used by bloggers and website owners who want to monetize their sites without having to put up annoying banner ads or pop-ups that interrupt visitors from reading or watching their content.

The best thing about Native Ads is that it’s free and easy to use!

MediaFem is a native ads platform that helps publishers get more traffic and generate passive income. It provides them with an easy way to make money by adding advertising units to their website or blog.

Main formats of native advertising

If we look at any page or social network we can find a great diversity of very different native advertising. These are the main formats that we find:

Company-specific advertorials as sponsored content continue to be very common in traditional and online publications.

The sponsored stories of Facebook, or Instagram.

Sponsored content on different social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook or Pinterest.

TrueView ads on Youtube and companies interesting content ads for users.
The mentions in the content: publishing content that seems editorial but promoted by a company.

Twitter Sponsored Tweets: Appear as relevant and are regularly shared and participate in hashtags. Twitter Cards that allow the integration of content and images are also on the rise.

In short, native advertising gives us the option of reaching a specific audience and generating a positive response from them. Instead of getting in the way of your experience, we add value to it. In this way, the public will perceive that our company connects with their interests or values.

Advantages of using native advertising

Using native advertising we will directly reach a much larger audience. Also, it provides a great format for sharing experiences and building a company reputation.

Advantages of native advertising for consumers

The informative value that native advertising provides to readers is greater than that of other online advertising formats. In addition, it is considered less intrusive advertising than the use of banners or video ads used by many companies.

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