What Should We Be Clear About Native Ads?


If we are going to carry out a native advertising campaign, we must know who is the audience we need to impact. In addition, we have to connect with their interests and values ​​so that they start to love us.

In this sense, both win. On the one hand, the publicist can explain in detail and in a natural way, the benefits of his product or service. And on the other hand, consumers do not see their browsing violated by uncomfortable pop-ups and banners. In addition, the company gives the possibility to interact, give opinions and get to know its products, philosophy, and values ​​in depth.

Communication is much richer and deeper. And if it produces a much more effective connection than with other display advertising products.
Therefore, if you want to start impacting your customers through digital advertising, we recommend that you do not lose sight of Content Advertising.

Start producing posts, videos, photos, and all kinds of audiovisual products that, in addition to communicating and informing, add value to your target. For this we will not lose sight of liquidity, in fact, the user, although he knows that it is advertising, should not perceive it at first glance as something intrusive. You should also generate strong communities on social networks that help you distribute your content. If you get these three points, you will quickly attract new customers.

There are two forms of native advertising: closed and open. The first refers to content that is only published on one platform (eg: sponsored post on Twitter). And the second describes that content that is published on platforms to be distributed.

Bran ded Content vs. Native Advertising

The key between one and the other is that Bran ded Content is content created for the user but produced, controlled, and distributed by the company to transmit its values normally in its own media or channels (web, app, blog…).

On the other hand, The Valley defines native advertising as: ‘that in which some content is designed so that it resembles or is integrated into the natural editorial content of the web page or the medium in which it appears, following its rules or books of style and in exchange for a consideration. In other words, the target has the same user experience as the rest of the content, and this makes our possible clients feel comfortable when it comes to being impacted by our advertising messages.

Do you dare to do a native advertising campaign?

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