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In recent years we have been immersed in native advertising. Very important publicity in the strategies of the companies. But do you already know what native advertising is? Do you know the trend of digital advertising? We explain it to you below.

Native advertising is the fact of including promoted content on a website, always respecting the format and editorial style. For example, if we want to insert an ad in a blog, we will do it through an article, which, no matter how much we have paid to publish, must be in tune with the rest of the content on that platform. Thus, we abandon intrusive advertising practices to focus on advertising content that respects the user experience.

What is Native advertising or Native Advertising?

Native advertising is driven by the emergence of social networks and the decline in the effectiveness of more traditional online advertising. The user sees this kind of ad (banners, pop-ups…) as an obstacle. For them, they do not add any value to their experience.

Due to the chameleon nature of native advertising, these contents are usually accompanied by a legend that warns us that we are dealing with advertising content. This warning is not only used for ethical reasons. If a follower of the platform sees that the company is allocating resources to offer content that adds value and does so in a respectful and non-intrusive way, he will remember said company positively.

Some examples of this native advertising are promoted tweets, paid articles, videos longer than the classic spot, interactive graphics, photographs, etc. Basically, any type of content that is organically integrated into the platform and user experience.

Types of native advertising

If we look at the media or platforms in which this native content is published, we can classify native advertising into two types:

Closed Native Advertising or Native Ads In: closed native advertising is the one that is published through a specific profile on a platform, thus limiting its reach. This is the case of social ads, sponsored articles on blogs or spots on YouTube.

Open Native Advertising or Native Ads Out: it is made up of all those platforms that allow the same content to be promoted in different media at the same time.

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